• Address: Juliana Fałata, 70-496 Szczecin


  • Location:

    The monument “Birds” is located on Juliana Fałata Street, which is a part of the walking trail in Park Kasprowicza. It is approximately 400 m from “The Three Eagles”. The best way to get to the monument is to walk from “Teatr Letni” [Summer Theatre] bus stop (busses of line No. 53, 60), or from “Jasne Błonia” bus stop (bus line No 60). On Jasne Błonia there is a spacious, free car park. This place is located approximately 3,5 km form Dworzec Główny PKP [Main Station of the Polish Railway Lines].


The monument is a tourist attraction not only for those who come to visit Szczecin, but also for those who like to walk along Park Kasprowicza. The outdoor monument, located in the vicinity of Teatr Leni [The Summer Theatre], is made of chains, sections and steel plates, which together form the shape of birds, which are painted into many, different colours. The work was created by Władysław Hasior. Initially, the artist created a design which was about to decorate the surrounding of the Castle of Dukes of Pomerania. However, the destination of this work of art had to be altered, due to the construction of Trasa Zamkowa [Castle Route]. In 1980, the Birds were moved to Plac Zgody [Concordia Square], but it had to be removed from there as well, because there were plans to build a tenement in that location. These days, the monument is situated in a proper and safe place. Visitors can admire it while looking at the impressive panorama of Rusałka Lake.

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