• Address: 73-150 Łobez

These are the remnants of a monument coming from the 1920s, placed on a mound raised by the inhabitants of Łobez in order to commemorate 208 citizens fallen during the Great War.

The works on the monument started in 1922 and it was unveiled in 1926. It was erected as a result of community service, out of voluntary donations. On the mound’s slope, there used to be megalithic constructions and barrows. Four terraces were connected with each other by stairs. The monument, 10.5 metres tall (with the pedestal), was seen from each place in the town. It depicted a knight standing on the pedestal and supporting himself on a sword. On seven tetragonal columns, there were plaques with names of the fallen on them. The author of the design was Hans Demann, an architect from Berlin. The statue was unveiled by the President of the Weimar Republic – Paul von Hindenburg.

The monument of Roland was blown up in 1945 by Russians. Currently, there are only the remnants of seven columns and the ruins of megalithic constructions on the mound.

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