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    The amphitheatre is located in Złocieniec and it is a part of the recreational area situated by the Wąsawa River between 5 Marca and Adama Mickiewicza Streets. The amphitheatre stands in the town centre, just by the river. The best way to reach the place is to enter from 5 Marca Street. Another way to reach the amphitheatre is to follow Pusta Street or 3 Pułku Piechoty Street. 


The amphitheatre in Złocieniec is a new facility, built a few years ago under the development plan for the area situated by the Wąsawa River, between Mickiewicza Street and 5 Marca Street. The entire area included in the development plan, including the amphitheatre, is officially called ‘Teren rekreacyjno-sportowy im. Włókniarzy’ [Textile workers recreation and sports area]. The locals usually call it ‘the area between the bridges’. The amphitheatre comprises a roofless stage made of setts and an auditorium with wooden benches. The auditorium was integrated into the natural hill which rises from the river towards Pusta Street. The stage was provided with electrical connections to enable the installation of lighting and sound equipment. During large events and concerts a temporary roof is installed above the stage to provide protection from rain. The amphitheatre of Złocieniec is a site of many cultural and entertainment events, such as: Dni Złocieńca [the Days of Złocieniec], Festyn rodzinny [Family Picnic], Ogólnopolskie Dni Tkaczy [the National Days of Weavers], band and solo singer concerts.  A big asset of the amphitheatre is its beautiful location, practically in the centre of the town. In the vicinity of the amphitheatre there are tennis courts, a basketball court and a playground for children. 


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