The "Julek" water tram runs seasonally from the beginning of June to the end of August. It cruises on Jamno Lake between the marina on Jamno housing estate in Koszalin and Unieście marina, near the Jamno Canal, then arrives at the marina in Mielno. Cruise time is 30 minutes to the Unieście marina, and 40 minutes back to the marina in Mielno. The ship is an alternative to travelling along the congested roads from Koszalin to Mielno and Unieście.

A cruise on the "Julek" provides an unforgettable experience due to its unique scenic qualities. The vastness of Lake Jamno, which ranks 9th in Poland in terms of area, makes a big impression. The surrounding scenery is also worthy of note, especially along the spit, which offers an extensive and picturesque panorama of the lake, enclosed by perfectly visible northern housing estates in Koszalin, the massif of Góra Chełmska with a visible viewing tower and Osieki with its Gothic church tower.

"Julek" is a vessel designed in accordance with European safety standards for navigation on the lake. The ship has a hybrid propulsion system and is very quiet. It takes 110 passengers and bicycles on board. Please note: it is not possible to carry bicycle trailers.

In addition to scheduled sailings, it is possible to organise a cruise for large groups.

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