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    The water tram 'Julek' departs from the harbour on Lake Jamno located at Promowa Street, in the district of Jamno, in the northern part of the town.

The water tram 'Koszałek' cruises on Lake Jamno between the marina in the district of Jamno in Koszalin and the Marina Unieście I, in the vicinity of the Jamno Canal. Then it reaches the marina in Unieście II, near the border with Mielno and it returns to Koszalin. The cruise time is 30 minutes to Unieście I, then 30 minutes to Unieście II and 40 minutes to return to the marina in Jamno. The ship is an alternative to traffic congestion if You want to get from Koszalin to Mielno and Unieście.

The cruise on 'Koszalek' is an unforgettable experience because of its exceptional scenic values. The size of Lake Jamno is impressive, as it is the 9th largest lake in Poland. The surrounding scenic values, especially the area along the spit, are also noteworthy. There You can admire a vast and scenic panorama of the lake, closed by perfectly visible northern housing estates in Koszalin, Chełmska Mountain massif with a visible observation tower and Osieki with a tower of a Gothic church.

The "Koszałek" is a vessel designed according to European safety standards for sailing on a lake. It is powered by ecological electric DC motors. It is approx. 20 m long and over 4 metres wide. It takes 67 passengers on board.

Besides timetable cruises, there are also optional cruises organised for large groups.

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