• Address: Suchowska, 78-540 Kalisz Pomorski

As many as 300 drapery workshops operated in medieval Kalisz Pomorski. Foremen sharpened their knives and scissors just on the grindstone. However, according to a legend, it also served for grinding people’s personality. The pushy, the proud, the bad-mannered should learn that their behaviour is inappropriate. They should be 'ground'. A rite was used to that end, during which an individual was brought onto a special platform and had his head 'ground'. A folk festival, which resembled student initiation rites, took place simultaneously. People were merry and sang songs.

The stone disappeared after World War II. The traditions and ceremonies associated with the stone were forgotten after the German settlers had departed. It was found only in 2003 during works in a forest. It was restored and placed in the woods near Lake Młyńskie. Currently, only knowledge of the stone and Kalisz Pomorski can be 'ground' on it.

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