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    The statue of Romeo and Juliet is located within the Rose Alley of Lovers at a distance of about 1 km from the main bus station, near Rożana Street and Klifowa Street. The Alley, serving as a promenade, stretches along the seashore, so it is easy to get there while having a walk From Rewal to Niechorze.

The Statue of Romeo and Juliet is an outdoor sculpture by Grzegorz Sztuka. It presents a pair of lovers, young people who symbolise the main characters in the play by William Shakespeare, and thus - to inspire eternal and true love between two people. The individual elements of the sculpture copy natural-sized people and objects. The object weighs approx. 500 kg. It was unveiled in October 2010.

It is worth going to Rewal and taking a walk along the whole Rose Alley of Lovers. There are growing nearly 150 species of roses and a lot of exotic shrubs. There are also two thematic panels placed: popular declarations of love stored in dozens of languages, and with a description of the symbolism of different flowers.

In addition to the aforementioned sculpture of Romeo and Juliet, there is another interesting object - a sculpture of the Little Prince and the Rose, placed within the alley. Another sculpture, which will be put in the alley is the one of Tadeusz and Zosia, Mickiewicz's couple, chosen by lot among tourists and the locals form Rewal.

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