The Piwnica przy Krypcie Theater is in the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle in Szczecin.

The "Piwnica przy Krypcie" theater was established in 2015 after the modernization of the Northern Wing of the Castle, combining the historical scenes of the Castle into one theater space: Krypta Theater (which operated from 1965) and the Piwnica przy Krypcie cabaret stage (which existed since 1990).

The new Piwnica przy Krypcie Theatre is the smallest professional and alternative stage in Szczecin, a lively and original theater. An unusual place for acting initiatives, which is a unique artistic space on a national scale. Its atmosphere is created by the intimate gothic interiors of the castle vaults, creating a unique and exceptional atmosphere of "cellar" performances. Evenings, cabaret and drama performances, concerts and recitals are held there. The artistic team consists of outstanding actors of Szczecin theaters. The theater audience can accommodate up to 50 people. Since 2015, Paweł Niczewski has been the artistic director of the theater selected from the competition.

Thanks to the presentation of a wide spectrum of theatrical genres, from drama to comedy, the repertoire of the theater is an excellent proposition for a large audience.

Theatrical improvisation is the art of creating comedy scenes (short and long theater forms) without any prior preparation. Scenes are largely based on the suggestions of the audience, which enables creating unique, interactive shows.

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