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    The Lutheran parish in Szczecin (and its office) is located at 8 Energetyków Street. The seat of the parish is the Church of Holy Trinity in on the Isle of Łasztownia in Szczecin.

The Lutheran parish centre is now the Church of Holy Trinity. What belongs to the parish is also the Dietrich Bonhoeffer guest house, the Dietrich Bonhoeffer International Study and Meeting Centre at 32 Piotra Skargi Street the square in Zdroje at 6 Jabłoniowa Street (the former residence of the seminary). The current pastor is Rev. Sławomir Janusz Sikora (since 2007). The parish has two branches. They are: St. John's Church in Trzebiatów and a chapel in Kłodzin.

The Church of Holy Trinity (formerly - St. Gertrude's Church) in Szczecin has been in possession of the Evangelical-Augsburg parish since 1954. The parish, however, has a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages. According to the old Pomeranian chronicles, the construction of St Gertrude's Church began in 1308. Originally, it had to serve merchants and craftsmen living in the area of ​​Szczecin called Łasztownia (Lastadie).

The Evangelical-Augsburg church is the oldest and largest Protestant church in Poland and currently the only Lutheran church in the Republic of Poland. It belongs to the Lutheran World Federation, the World Council of Churches, Conference of European Churches and the Polish Ecumenical Council.

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