It is a network consisting of five marked cycle routes. They cover the whole area of West Pomerania and allow you to reach the most interesting places in the province by bike.

The routes have been constructed so that they can be travelled by anyone. They are passable for tourist and city bicycles. The routes avoid high altitudes and bad surfaces. The worst sections are paved with aggregate.

The core of the routes is made up of cycle lanes. Therefore a large percentage run separate from car traffic. Some sections have been laid out on local low-traffic roads. In the most dangerous places new cycling infrastructure has been built. The exact parameters of the individual sections are shown on the route map.

We prepare information materials on an ongoing basis. The individual stages of the routes are published in leaflets and distributed at regional tourist information centres for free download. All materials are also available for your own printing in PDF files in A3 format.

Unfortunately, we do not send out information materials individually. All materials are available for download under the corresponding tab.

The West Pomerania Province has launched a programme of Bike-Friendly Places. These may include accommodation, restaurants and other tourist attractions. The easiest places to find are marked with a special icon or on a list displayed on the website and in the application.

The route shown on the map is the current, safest and optimal route. It uses the existing road network until the project is completed. When a new section of a route is completed, we update the mileage on that section.

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