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    The Royal Gate is located at Hołdu Pruskiego Square, to reach it using public transport, choose tram lines no. 1,3, 6, 7, 8, or 10. From the tram, get off at the "Żołnierza Square" stop and head towards the Odra River. The gate is about 300 meters away.

Completed in 1728, the gate was an element of city fortifications built by the Prussians. Previously occupied by an art gallery, the gate now serves as a coffee house.

The Royal Gate is one of the two city gates that have survived to our times from the extensive line of fortifications in Szczecin. The building was erected in the years 1725-1728 according to the design of the Dutch architect Gerhard van Wallrawe. The Royal Gate - previously known as the "Anklamer Tor" - was erected on the site of the former Mill Gate. This name was in force until 1840, from 1841 the gate is called the Royal Gate in honor of its founder, King Frederick William I.

As in the case of Brama Portowa, the walls of the buildings are decorated with sculptures by Bartholome Damarat. On the gate we will find, among others Mars with sword and shield and Hercules with club and lion skin. Above the passage there is a panoply with a shield and a Prussian eagle, the whole is surrounded by a chain of the Order of the Black Eagle, and at the top there is a crown. The King's Gate is decorated with carved elements of weapons, armor, shields and banners.

During the Second World War, for fear of damage, the decorations were dismantled, hidden in the forest, and the building was planted with ivy. Thanks to this, the object was not damaged. The decorations hidden in the Arkona Forest were found in 1957 and reinstalled on the gate.

In 1994, the facility was modernized, in the 1990s the building housed an art gallery, and since 2000, the Gateway Jazz Cafe has been operating at the gate.

The building was entered on the provincial list of monuments in June 1954


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