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    The lighthouse is located in the northern part of the harbour, to the right of the Parsęta River’s mouth. It is separated from the beach only by a promenade. From the harbour and from the beach the only way to reach it is by climbing up the stairs. It is possible to get there by car from Morska Street, but only with a special pass issued by the Town Council. 

The lighthouse is a historical navigation point. At the same time it serves as an observation point and a tourist attraction. It is also one of the symbols of Kołobrzeg.

The fist lights leading ships to the harbour, were lit in Kołobrzeg in 1666. The lighthouse makes the harbour in Kołobrzeg visible from the sea from the distance of almost 30 km. Together with the lighthouse of Gąski, on the east, and of Niechorze, on the west, it creates a coherent lighthouse system. The optical system consisting of twenty 200W light bulbs is located at the height of 36,5 m. The tower is 26 meters high and it was built on  18th-century historic fort. To get to the top, visitors must climb 110 winding steps – part of which are spiral, masonry stairs located in a narrow staircase, and the remaining metal stairs run inside the tower. 

The present-day lighthouse replaced the old one, which was damaged during the World War II. It was built in 1945 by the Red Army to commemorate their victory over the Nazis. Initially, there was a five-pointed star on the top and an inscription in Russian which glorified the military success from the period between 1941 and 1945. At that time, there was a military cemetery at the foot of the lighthouse. As the time passed by, the lighthouse was stripped of all elements of ideology.

The fort, on the foundation of which the lighthouse was built, is also of great historical value. The fact that it was capable of carrying the huge weight of the lighthouse shows how durable and trustworthy this fortification from 1770 - 1774 was. This three-storey construction, with the still active artesian source of sweet water on the lowest level, was used to protect the harbour. The well is covered with a clear disk. It is situated in the same part of the underground where the Mineral Museum is located. In the other part of the basements there is a culture- entertainment and music club. Between the floors inside the tower, there are maritime exhibitions and souvenirs stands.

Normal ticket costs 6 PLN, reduced ticket 4 PLN (available for primary, secondary and high school students). No group tickets are available. Organised group are entitled to see the mineral exhibition without additional charge.  

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