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    To the Park Jan Kasprowicza can be reached using bus lines no. 53 and 60, which will take you to the "Słowackiego" or "Summer Theater" stop - both stops are located next to the park. We can also use the bus line no. 67, which stops at the "Jasne Błonia" stop and it is through this green area that you go to the park Jan Kasprowicz.

Created in 1900 and sprawling across around 50 hectares, the park is home to over 200 tree and shrub species, and also a part of a complex neighboring the Wkrzańska Forest.

The complex is located on the slope of the Niemierzyńska Valley and is a part of a green complex connected with the nearby Wkrzańska Primeval Forest. The park is located between Słowackiego, Skargi, Zaleskiego and Wyspiańskiego Streets and covers an area of approx. 50 ha.

The present Park of Jana Kasprowicza was established in 1900 as "Quistorp Park" in honor of Johannes Quistorp, a philanthropist and entrepreneur from Szczecin, who donated the neighboring areas to the city - Jasne Błonia Square and the Arkona Forest.

Quistorp was the owner of the Portland cement factory and the construction company "Westend", he initiated the creation of a new district, the so-called Neu-West-End. At the end of the 19th century, this entrepreneur developed an urban layout in which he took into account the existence of a large green complex that would be integrated into the villa district. Quistorp consistently implemented its plan by creating a unique green belt located in the center of a large city and which you can easily walk to the nearby forest.

Officially, the park was handed over to the city in 1908. Earlier, in 1885, thanks to the damming of the Osówka river, Lake Rusałka was created - in spring and summer it was possible to sail on it, and in winter the lake turned into an ice rink. In addition, restaurants were opened in the park, a bridge over Rusalka was built, fountains and sculptures were set up. There is also a toboggan run, a concert square, a beer and milk pump room, and a playground for children. In 1915, a restaurant was opened in a former malt mill right on the lake shore, which enjoyed great popularity.

Until World War II, the complex created by Quistorp was extremely attractive for tourists and residents of Szczecin. This attractiveness was raised by exotic species of trees and shrubs brought from all over the world - some of them have survived to the present day.

There are over 200 species of trees and shrubs on the site. In addition to trees well-known in Poland, such as chestnut trees, beeches, willows and oaks, we can find, among others, mountain pine, yellow pine, Jeffrey pine, Serbian spruce, American hornbeam, Tartar maple, Persian parotia, Brewer's spruce, manna ash and Dutch linden. Moreover, in the Park of Jan Kasprowicz, we will find the only North American Garden in Europe. The park is also very popular among cyclists - after all, it is here that we can find a fragment of the oldest bicycle path in all of Central Europe.

After World War II, the site, which since 1945 has been called "park im. Jan Kasprowicz ”was slightly neglected. It was necessary to dismantle the malt mill, which housed the restaurant, also the so-called Japanese bridge.

In the second half of the 1970s, a decision was made to build an amphitheater for approx. 4.5 thousand square meters. viewers. The facility is called Teatr Letni im. Helena Majdaniec. Near the theater, there is a sculpture "fire birds", which was made by Władysław Hasior. In 1979, a monument to the Deed of Poles by Gustaw Zemła was presented in the park In the farthest end of the park there is the so-called Różanka - a garden that was renovated in 2007. In addition, in recent years, the park's lighting has been renewed, and several small gastronomy points have been created on its premises. There are plans to establish a restaurant.

Park of Jan Kasprowicz was entered on the provincial list of monuments in December 1994.


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