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    The Old Town Hall is located in the city centre, within the Old Town, on Wolności Square

The building of the Old Town Hall is a classic merchant’s house. It is not known much about its original appearance, because the building was consumed by fire in 1506. It was most likely built in the 14th century and was situated in the very centre of the market square. A rebuilt town hall was also destroyed by fire in 1677, and the next one was erected as a two-storey building with a wooden tower with and a bell cast by Ernst Kritewitt of Kołobrzeg. For years the town hall was falling into disrepair – it was closed in 1845 and pulled down in 1847. Then there was a need for establishing a representative seat of the town authorities in a place adequate to the office. It is why a burgher’s house was purchased in this purpose and added an oaken tower with a clock. From 1847, a town hall was located in the building. In 1867, the town authorities bought a building adjacent to the town hall and arranged its first floor as a flat for the then mayor and its ground floor as seats of court office and bailiff’s office. In the basement of the town hall accommodation places were arranged – in the early 20th century these were used as a town hall’s beer house. The basement can be entranced by a beautiful portal embellished with plant motifs. The Old Town Hall used to be the seat of the town authorities until 1924. In the years 1926-1952, the building was a seat of the Regional Museum. After the museum had been closed, the building was used for purposes of public housing, until 1998. In 2004, the town authorities carried out the revitalization of the part of the Old Town, including the Old Town Hall. Currently, the Old Town Hall houses the Registry Office with the Wedding Palace and The Regional Tradition Chamber. In the former, there are organized occasional exhibitions of works of art and other events. The town hall is adapted for the disabled; there is a lift providing access from a courtyard.

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