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    The building of the City Hall is located at Armii Krajowej Square 1. To reach it by public transport, we can use the bus line no. 70 - in this case, get off at the "City Hall" stop, or from the bus line no. 87, which will take us to the "Wąska Floating Arena" stop, then enter in Felczaka Street and we walk towards Polish army Street. From the intersection of Wąska Street and Felczaka Street, we have approx. 350 meters to the office building.

The City Council is located in a historic building with a large inner courtyard from the early 20th century, adjacent to Jasne Błonia park.

The decision to build the present building of the City Hall was made in 1921. The building was to be used as the seat of the main administrative office of the Pomeranian Province. In 1924, the central part was erected, a year later the eastern wing was added, and in 1927 the remaining buildings. The whole thing was designed by dr. Eng. Georg Steinmetz, the plans assumed integrating the facility into the park established by Quistorp. The main buildings of the office surround a quadrilateral courtyard, in the eastern part there is an additional internal Courtyard.

The facility housed the offices of the governor general, provincial administrator, office director, chief chancellor and heads of technical departments. In the years 1933-1945 the complex was the seat of the NSDAP.

In the main building, in the central part, there is a representative staircase, and a telephone exchange on the ground floor. In the left wing there are large rooms that were intended for official ceremonies and meetings before the war. Currently, the City Council sessions are held in the left wing, and the most impressive room until 2014 was intended for the philharmonic hall. In the right wing there were offices and cash registers - to this day the right wing is intended for customer service. There is a 700 sq m bunker under the building, which can shelter 500 People.

The office building was erected in a neo-baroque style. Two passages have been created under the central building, leading to the park part. Initially, the facade of the building was green, and the residents colloquially called it "spinach palace" or "spinach house". In the 1960s, as a result of covering the walls with cement mortar, the building became gray. Only in 2011, a decision was made to restore the original color. Since 2013, we can admire the greenery of the office.

The building of the City Hall was entered on the provincial list of monuments in October 1995.


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