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    Arkonka Bathing Area is situated at Spacerowa Street in Arkoński Forest Park near other sports facilities, a cycling track and Arkonia Stadium. You can get there by bus no. 80 (Spacerowa and Arkonia Stadium stops) and by tram no. 3 and 10 (Arkoński Forest loop), as well as no. 1 and 9 (Spacerowa stop). The easiest way to get there from the centre is driving Wojska Polskiego Avenue towards the north, turning into Spacerowa Street where the bathing area is situated. There is a parking place for 200 vehicles next to the bathing area. 

Located in Arkoński Forest Park, Arkonka is a brand new swimming complex in Szczecin with over 8 thousand square meters of swimming pools. Parking lot for around 200 cars available.

The bathing area in the location of Arkonka was established at the beginning of the 20th century. Some time ago there was only a lake on the coast of which there was a water mill. The swimming pool complex was reconstructed recently and it was opened in 2014. Since then it is the most modern bathing area in Szczecin. The modernization was conducted using the European Regional Development Fund. Currently it constitutes of four swimming pools 40-180 cm deep. There are also three water slides, foot massage points, geysers, toys shooting water, fountain ejecting water to a height of 15 m, as well as an artificial river which is 59 m long. Around the pools there are tennis and badminton courts, volleyball courts and an artificial beach. There is also a skate park which functions from spring to autumn, and in winter it is replaced by an ice-skating rink. The whole area is fenced and its surface area is 7 ha, while the total surface area of the swimming pools is 8012 m2. There are also 100 bike racks next to the cashiers. 


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