Bar or restaurant/place of interest/Tourist Information and other CFPs

  • safe and free-of-charge bike parking lot
  • up-to-date info on nearby bike service points and shops displayed in a visible place in the facility

Amenities available

  • Service in English available
  • Payment with credit card / BLIK / mobile app, etc.


  • Cyclist-Friendly Place Cyclist-Friendly Place
  • Opening dates: 01.06-31.08 oraz majówka
  • Open seasonally: Obiekt sezonowy

Hi ! We are a small family manufactory that loves ice cream. We invite you to taste our sweets. We create them with love, commitment and care. We value simplicity that is why we focus on the naturalness of our ice cream. Our motto is: Family Natural Delicious Family - We create ice cream with love, care, commitment. Ice cream that we love and surround with love just like our family. Natural - We do everything to be as close to nature as possible. We create ice cream that has a simple composition, without chemical enhancers, stabilizers. We do not compromise on quality!
We use the highest quality products, and we give our ice cream to our children with a clear conscience. Delicious - We appreciate real taste. Grabowski's ice cream is memorable tasting and brings back fond memories. We would like to invite you to join our family! We hope you will stay with us for a longer time. We are going on a journey together. Be with us! :)

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