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    A flyover with a total length of 2,300 meters leads to the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, called Trasa Zamkowa im. Piotr Zaremba. It is the most popular entry to Szczecin from Stargard Szczeciński. The very ride over the flyover provides many visual impressions. It is interesting that the patron of Trasa Zamkowa was an opponent of its construction. To get to the Castle, however, before the end of the Route, you should turn right just behind the Kana Theater and park your car there, because the Castle is on the opposite side. From the city of Szczecin, driving from Brama Portowa or CH Galaxy, you can get directly to the castle itself.. For non-motorized people, the easiest way from the Main Railway Station is to take line 75 or 61 to Wyszyńskiego and from there go towards the Cathedral Basilica of St. Jakub, turning in front of it and then right again at the next intersection. The castle cannot be overlooked.

The castle consists of the North, South, East, Central and West Wings as well as the Clock Tower, Prison Tower and Bells. The central square at the Castle is the Big Courtyard. In the castle you can see, among others. sarcophagi of Pomeranian Dukes and original maps of Szczecin, from various historical periods.
Many exhibition halls are open to the public, especially in the North Wing of Barnim III. People who do not like sightseeing in a conventional way will surely be interested in the Witches' Hall, where a multimedia presentation in a dark scenery is displayed, told by Sydonia von Borck. A woman unhappily in love with one of the Pomeranian dukes, burned at the stake, tells about a curse on the Gryfit family.
An interesting place in the Castle is the Clock Tower with a mascaron clock. His hands are based on his mustache. Other noteworthy points are, among others statue of Otto of Bamberg located in the Bell Tower, at the entrance to the Big Courtyard. There you can also admire the Foucault Pendulum, which is an experimental evidence of the rotation of the earth. There are not many similar pendulums in Poland, but the Szczecin pendulum, as the only one in Poland, has exactly the same length as the pendulum in Frombork, where the remains of Nicolaus Copernicus were found. It is worth mentioning that Karol Piasecki, an anthropologist from Szczecin, found them.
There is a tourist information in the castle area, where you can get all the necessary information helpful in the sightseeing process. Many attractions in the castle are wheelchair accessible.

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