• Address: Korsarzy, 70-540 Szczecin

The monument was made by Leonia Chmielnik and Anna Paszkiewicz. They are also the authors of the Griffon standing in front of the building of the City Hall. The sculptures made by the artists are usually of austere form – in this case it is similar. The monument was unveiled in 1974. It represents a ducal couple, probably on day of their wedding, which is suggested by an inscription located on the pedestal. Bogusław X passed as a wise ruler, due to which he gained the appellation “Great”. He was, however, a 37-year-old widower before finding his second love. Marrying him, Anna Jagiellonka was, in turn, very young (she was 15 years old). This did not prevent her from building a durable and indissoluble bond with her husband. Their marriage was a symbol of tightening of bonds between Poland and Pomerania. The material used to make the work was yellow sandstone.

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