West Pomerania as a bike-friendly region is about to launch a special recommendation system for places where cyclists can stay overnight, store their luggage and repair their equipment. The idea of “BFP” is to develop cycling tourism even further and to support local businesses in creating an offering for cyclists. Participation in the scheme is free of charge and voluntary.
Bike-Friendly Places (BFPs) will be marked and highlighted on maps, both paper and electronic, as well as in the West Pomerania application operated by the Province of West Pomerania. The “BFP” mark and the logo of West Pomerania will be a guarantee for travellers, that in a given place they can safely rest, stay overnight, store their bike and luggage, carry out basic repairs and obtain information useful for active tourists.
“For years we have been building the brand of a cycling-friendly region, not only by constructing tens of kilometres of cycling routes,” says provincial governor Olgierd Geblewicz. “We are organising events dedicated to bike lovers by adapting trains to carry bicycles, while also creating special bicycle maps and applications. Now, these maps will not only show the exact route and tourist attractions, but also indicate places where cyclists are particularly well treated.”
Particularly good treatment refers mainly to the possibility of finding lodgings.
“Private quarters, guest houses and hotels offer longer stays, particularly in popular tourist resorts during the holiday season. However, people travelling on bikes usually only need one night’s accommodation in a given place and in the morning they are on their way,” explains Wanda Nowotarska, provincial governor representative for cycling.
The Regulations of the Recommendation System for Bike-Friendly Places in West Pomerania, adopted by the Provincial Council, set out the requirements to be met by the BFPs regarding accommodation facilities. These include mainly the possibility of renting accommodation for one night by a minimum of four tourists, safe and free-of-charge storage of bicycles and luggage, as well as free-of-charge tools for basic bicycle repairs. BFPs will also need to have up-to-date information on where cycle services and shops are located in the nearby area. They may also offer to sell bicycle spare parts in-house.
The Bike-Friendly Places system will include not only guesthouses, hotels or farms, but also dining facilities, tourist attractions, tourist information points, and other retail and service facilities. These should provide basic functionalities for cyclists, such as safe, free-of-charge bicycle parking (this requirement does not apply to food trucks or other facilities under the category of tourist attractions – such as a boat cruise or a narrow-gauge railway ride – offering bike rental or free access for bicycles), bike trailer carriage or support for non-standard bicycles (this requirement applies to boat cruises and narrow-gauge railway rides); updates about about the nearby service points and bicycle shops.
The main aim of the Bike-Friendly Places Recommendation System is to develop and promote the cycling tourists service system, help and inspire businesses to provide a cycling friendly offering, give bike-friendly businesses a competitive edge, create a platform for co-operation and exchange between the entities in registered in the System and increase region’s attractiveness for tourists.

Sites and services catering for the needs of cycling tourists will have the right to use the BFP recommendations system. Their offer will be systematically verified, and the adopted standards adjusted to the requirements of the tourist market.

The system of recommendations is open to all entities that meet the requirements set out in the rules and fulfil all the mandatory criteria.
Participation in the BFP system is free of charge and voluntary.

Recruitment is on a continuous (year-round) basis.

To apply for a BFP site status, read the Rules, then download and complete the form and send it to: mpr@wzp.pl.

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