• Distance: 63.6 km
  • The sum of the approaches: 293 m
  • The sum of the descents: 235 m
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Stage I: Siekierki - Trzcińsko-Zdrój - Myślibórz [64 km]

The section is almost completed and runs along an asphalt bicycle path along the embankment of the former railway line.

We start in the most spectacular place on the trail and in one of the largest bicycle investments in Poland. The bridge Siekierki - Neurüdnitz is the longest crossing on the Oder, 770 meters long. In fact, there are two structures, 335 and 325 meters long, connected by a dyke. The bridge, or the observation deck above it, is a marvelous observation point over the Oder River, protected by the Cedynia Landscape Park. One hundred eighty species of birds live here, some of which we will probably see along the route. Built in 1892, the bridge was blown up by the Nazis in March 1945, and the current structure was rebuilt in the 1950s. Interestingly, no civilian passenger train has ever passed it - the communist authorities assumed the bridge was to be used only for transporting Warsaw Pact troops in the event of a war with NATO.

The crossing was deteriorating for years, but in 2021 it was given a new life as the European Bridge, connecting the bicycle routes of Poland and Germany. The German part of the crossing was opened at the end of June 2022, which makes it possible to plan trips on the other side of the Oder. For example, using the seasonal ferry in Gozdowice, you can make an interesting loop, cycling almost all the time along the river.

Coming from Siekierki, it is impossible not to mention Cedynia, located not far to the north. In 972, the troops of first polish ruler Mieszko I fought a battle that decided that West Pomerania belonged to Poland, called the Battle of Cedynia. If we decide to take a trip towards it, 9 kilometers from the bridge we will find an obelisk with the all-saying inscription: "the westernmost point of Poland". The battle itself was to take place near Mount Czcibor. At its foot, in June, a historical picnic and historical reenactments of the battle take place. A gigantic mosaic also depicts the battle scene.

However, if we decide to go straight along the path towards Trzcińsko-Zdrój, the former railway station in Klępicz is a must-see. The station quickly gained cult status thanks to Mrs. Jola and her family. This is a place where you can stop, rest, chat, and try the delicious cheesecake baked here.

6 km off the trail from Klępicz, there is small village of Czachów. Its church from the 13th century is famous for its paintings. Strange pictures, as if painted by a child's hand, were discovered during the conservation works in the early 1980s. It would be weird enough if they were modern, but they come from the 14th century! They are one of the oldest polychromes in Poland. The most characteristic and recognizable among the paintings of Czachów is the "cheerful devil" at the baptismal font. It is worth straying from the route just to see him. The church is usually locked, but the key is available at the yellow house opposite to the temple.

A little closer to the trail (only 2.5 km) lies the charming town of Moryń. Almost circular city walls from the 15th century surround the city. On the shores of Lake Morzycko, it's worth passing by the "Pleistocene Stars Avenue". Along the avenue stand huge figures of animals living in these areas during the Ice Age. It is a good place for a selfie with a mammoth or saber-toothed tiger. The statues are quite realistic - they are covered with artificial fur, refreshed every year.

Lake Morzycko itself is considered one of the most attractive in the whole country. Clean, 60 meters deep waters are a treat not only for sailors, but also divers - at the bottom, there are the remains of a Soviet plane from WWII. This is not the only secret that Moryń hides, there are mysterious "chessboards" on the churches in Moryń, Dolsk or Czachów. They are also known from the books about "Mr. Samochodzik" ("Mr. Little Car"), Polish Robert Langdon - an art historian who solves mysteries and drives... little but fast car. The series was extremely popular in the 70'ties and 80'ties. We're waiting for a new adaptation by Netflix. Meanwhile, the bicycle rally of Mr. Samochodzik starts from the opposite side of the lake.

Next we arrive in Trzcińsko-Zdrój, just like Moryń, surrounded by well-preserved walls with city gates. The former health resort boasts one of Poland's oldest and most valuable town halls from the 13th century. You can rest in the spa park, watching the beautiful Spa House, picturesquely situated on the lake, now housing the Social Care Home.  We finish the stage in Myślibórz.

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