• Distance: 34.9 km
  • The sum of the approaches: 92 m
  • The sum of the descents: 95 m
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Stage 3: Kołobrzeg - Mielno [36 km]

One of the most spectacular sections of the route begins in Kołobrzeg. However, before we start, it is worth stopping in one of the oldest cities in Poland. Unfortunately, not so many historical buildings are left, as 90% were destroyed during the war. The Battle of Kołobrzeg was one of the fiercest ones in Pomerania, so it's no wonder that today we can visit military-related sights, such as the Polish Arms Museum, Morast Redoubt, and the Military Attraction Center “Bastion Panzer”. There is also a lighthouse, built after the war on the site of a destroyed predecessor. The buildings that survived the war, like the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, give an idea of ​​its former glory. After all, Kołobrzeg was a member of the Hanseatic League for several hundred years, as were Lubeck, Riga, Toruń or Gdańsk. The neo-Gothic town hall and the water tower (housing a nice restaurant and microbrewery) are also worth stopping by.

You have a chance to begin another great cycling trail here- The Old Railway Trail (marked with number 15), which would lead you to the south of the region. It is partially built on the old railway tracks.

Today Kołobrzeg is a health resort. During the season, we will share part of our bike path with patients, but there will be less and less of them as we move away from the city. Our trail goes directly over the beach and the dunes. On the right you can see wetlands "Eastern Ecopark" - a refuge for birds such as red-necked grebe, bittern, cormorant, wader, and heron. After the wetlands we recommend going 4 km off the trail to see Bolesław, until recently known as the oldest oak in Poland. Unfortunately, the tree was knocked down by a storm in 2016 and is now rotting on the ground. Fortunately, its slightly younger colleague, the oak Warcisław, 640 years old, is still on the watch. We recommend that you go back the same road to the sea, because the section along the airport is really charming. For several years, the airport has hosted one of the largest and oldest electronic music events in Poland - Sunrise Festival.

Going further East, we pass the lighthouse in Gąski, and can feel the atmosphere of an old fishing village in Chłopy. The preserved traditional look of a fishing village with 19th-century half-timbered houses decorated with folk paintings is under protection. Fishing boats “resting” on the beach are a sight not to miss. Such views are becoming rare on the Baltic Sea, and it is worth catching them until they are completely gone.


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