• Distance: 60.5 km
  • The sum of the approaches: 233 m
  • The sum of the descents: 250 m


  • access by train
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Złocieniec - Wałcz 61 km

Located on the Drawa River, Złocieniec is a pleasant town where you can take a break, for example, in the Żubr Park, famous for its monumental Hornbeam Alley, which creates a tunnel with connected tree branches. Eighty-three hornbeams grow here; the age of each is estimated at 200 years. In April, the "16 Meridian" travel festival takes place here. Half a century ago, a castle was dominating city panorama - it survived the war in a good shape. Unfortunately, the communists didn’t appreciate the building. After decades of neglect the castle was blown up in 1976. Today you can only see its foundations.

The military unit 1696 is located near the city on the shore of Lake Krosino. There would be nothing interesting about it, if not for the fact that it occupies the site of the former Nazi training center. The Ordensburg Krössinsee was one of the three Third Reich "forge of cadres" of the NSDAP. The two monumental towers, part of the never-finished, gigantic "house of knowledge" intended to be the heart of the complex, are especially impressive. Unfortunately, it is not easy to enter a military unit. You can go there during the open days of the unit or apply for the commander's consent for individual tours.

In Złocieniec, the route crosses the Western Lake Districts Route (marked with the number 20), and for slightly over 3 km both routes overlap. The section is mostly gravel, but part of the route to Bobrowo (approx. 1 km) is difficult to pass through the dirt section. Bike path is to be built there in the near future.

After passing Bobrowo with the interesting but inaccessible palace, Old Railway Trail turns into a forest asphalt road, turning into a gravel road to Wierzchowo. The further section requires some investment to make it more attractive and comfortable to travel. More than 30 km of bicycle paths on old railway lines are planned to be built between Wierzchowo and Wałcz, and the search for a contractor is already underway. Unfinished sections can be traveled along county roads with little traffic. The detour can also be shortened by cycling from Będlino to the intersection with the regional road No. 177 along a dirt section (approx. 2.5 km) on the former railway line.

For those willing, we suggest a trip to Sweden. We will make up 17 km to get to the village Szwecja, which literally means "Sweden" in Polish. On the way, you will pass the beautiful lake Zdbiczno, the remains of bunkers, and even the tiny Combat Open Air Museum in Zdbice, commemorating the struggle to break the Pomeranian Wall in 1945. Those who are not going to Sweden will see the picturesque ruins of the Goltz Palace in Kłębowiec.

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