• Distance: 35.3 km
  • The sum of the approaches: 79 m
  • The sum of the descents: 60 m
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III Modrzewie (Goleniów) - Szczecin [40 km]

The new bicycle path on the section Modrzewie - Lubczyna - Czarna Łąka - Szczecin Dąbie will run along flood embankments. The Modrzewie - Inoujście section located along the Ina River is already put into service. For now, however, the official trail uses a detour. Initially, we reach Lubczyna via Domastryjewo using various roads. From Lubczyna, we go along the district road through Czarna Łąka. Unfortunately, the closer to Szczecin, the more car traffic increases. The new bicycle path on the section Lubczyna - Czarna Łąka - Szczecin Dąbie will be completed in 2023. On the section Lubczyna - Załom II Pump Station, a gravel surface has already been laid and it is passable. However, you have to consider that it is still a construction site and has not been officially made available for use.

A sight that draws a lot of people is a stranded shipwreck made of concrete near Inoujście. It is one of the reinforced concrete ships built in Darłówek by the Germans, bombed in Szczecin in 1945. After the war, it was towed to Inoujście and sunk. Sometimes concerts are organized there, during which the audience is on boats around the wreck. Access from Modrzewie is signposted and ready for use. The unfinished, sometimes sandy and overgrown route leads along the coast to Lubczyna.

The beach and port in Lubczyna are a good place for a snack and a rest. From here, we can take the road to Czarna Łąka and then cycle along the road with quite heavy traffic to Dąbie, but the route along the shores of the lagoon will soon be completed. In the rushes beyond Lubczyna, you pass a small ship moored for eternal rest.

Dąbie Lake is the fourth largest reservoir in Poland, lying within the boundaries of Szczecin, although it may seem surprising when looking at these wild surroundings. It is nice to stop and contemplate wildlife while looking at the cranes of Szczecin port in the far distance. Recently, new places to rest by the water have been created - for example, the Cape of Four Skeletons located on Skeleton Bay. Fortunately, there are no skeletons there - the name is sort of a joke. The last section from the Załom II pump station to Dąbie is beautiful and wild.

In Dąbie, we enter the bicycle road that will lead us to the center of Szczecin at the Castle Route. A separate article should be devoted to the monuments and attractions of Szczecin. In order to get to know them, one would have to stay in the capital of Western Pomerania for longer. However, apart from "traditional" city attractions, you can stop at Łasztownia - an island slowly changing into the city's new heart. From the new boulevards, we have the most spectacular view of the old town and the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle. Maritime Science Center (opening in spring 2023) has been built right next to it. The view is particularly great at night, when everything is illuminated, especially old port cranes. They are called "cranosaurs" by people of Szczecin.

If you have not been able to see the white-tailed eagle so far, then in Szczecin you have another chance - you should deviate from the trail at the Central Port and ride the Puck Island along the bank of the Western Oder. White-tailed eagles are fond of the Academic Island, located opposite the flood embankment, where they like to sit on one of the withered trees.

This is a place where you can feel how unique city Szczecin is. As soon as you leave the port and industrial districts, you find yourself in a nature reserve. The islands on Lake Dąbie to the north of our route are a like a jungle, sometimes called the "Szczecin Amazon".

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